Unlock the power of invisible protecon with PolyTECT by Optus Resin. This remarkable sealant is designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of your paved areas and stone surfaces. It offers unrivaled defense against staining, etching, and deterioraon. Our advanced formula penetrated deep into the substrate, creang an invisible barrier that repels water, grease, alcohol, and oil, ensuring your surface stays flawless for years to come. polyTECT not only enhances the natural colors and paerns of your stone but also provides long-lasng protecon against the harsh elements of everyday life. Trust polyTECT to provide long-lasng protecon, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your paved surfaces worry-free.

Breathable finish that will not alter the appearance of treated surface or change its color.

Helps reduce further on going maintenance and costs on a protected surface.

Easy to apply on most surfaces and the surface can be used within 1 hour of application.

Sample Materials

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Natural Stone


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What Is PolyTECT
PolyTECT is a sealant developed by Optus Resin that provides invisible protection to paved areas and stone surfaces.

How does polyTECT™ work?
PolyTECT forms an invisible barrier that penetrates deep into the substrate, repelling water, grease, alcohol, and oil, thereby prevenng staining, etching, and deterioraon.

Does polyTECT alter the appearance of the surface?
No, polyTECT™ is designed to have zero visual impact and enhances the natural colors and paerns of the stone surface.

What surfaces can polyTECT be used on?
PolyTECT™ is suitable for use on various stone surfaces, including pavers, les, concrete, natural stone, and more.

How long does polyTECT protecon last?
PolyTECT™ provides long-lasng protecon, and the duraon of its effecveness may vary depending on the surface and usage. However, it is designed to provide years of protecon.

Can polyTECT be applied by a DIYer, or is professional applicaon required?
PolyTECT ™can be applied by both professionals and DIYers. It comes with clear instrucons for easy applicaon.

Is polyTECT environmentally friendly?
Yes, polyTECT™ is environmentally friendly. It is formulated to be water-based, low VOC (volale organic compounds), and non-toxic.

Does polyTECT prevent the growth of mold and mildew?
PolyTECT™ helps repel water, which can inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. However, it is not a substute for proper cleaning and maintenance.