An open textured resin bound paving for tree pit surrounds that is durable, flexible and permeable to water and air.

The typical life of a newly planted tree can be just 5 to 7 years and is often much less. Air and water must reach a tree's roots to allow it to thrive.

Optus tree pit surfacing is a liquid applied bound stone that forms a solid surround at the base of a tree which also allows water and air pass through to the tree's roots.

Clear polyurethane resins which are resistant to the sun's rays, bond natural stone aggregate together to form an attractive stable surfacing.

As well as sustaining the tree this solution enhances any hard landscaping in the area of the tree, providing an agreeable contrast when trees are located in areas such as car parks.

Tree pits with settled and cracked gratings are an eyesore which are not always easy to remedy. The object is always to allow water and air to reach the roots whilst protecting the tree and avoiding damage to the bark.

The area around a tree is often found clogged with rubbish and weeds caused by settlement or failure of the grating.

The area needs to be reinstated and levelled out, providing sufficient permeability whilst supporting occasional light loading without excessive settlement.

The Optus tree pit surfacing system does all of that by applying a trowelled mix of stone and resin around the tree to blend in with existing levels and match any landscaping requirements.


Walkways, patios, etc.
Tree Pits

Aggregate Size [1:1 Blend]





15mm deep

18-20mm deep

50mm deep


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