Safety has never been more important and the public's awareness never so high. There is a clear need to incorporate high friction surfaces into capital works and to carry out improvements to existing surfaces. Existing resistance to skidding is degraded by use particularly as a result of heavy vehicle movements and high sideways forces on ramps, bends and approaches to junctions.

Eurogrip is a high friction overlay designed to improve the frictional characteristics of a surface.

A coat and scatter system, Eurogrip works by bonding high friction grit to concrete, bitmac, timber or metal using an adhesive slurry. This slurry is formulated from a polyurethane resin that adheres tenaciously to both grit and substrate.

The grit used is very often calcined bauxite. Its size depends on the degree of anti-slip required and is usually between 1-5mm. For vehicle loading a 1-3mm grade is normal. The system is easy to lay and unlike many others cures very quickly. Disruption is minimal and surfaces can be returned to normal use in approximately 3 hours depending on temperature. To protect against staining and help with maintenance, the surface can be sealed with a clear seal coat such as Optiseal AR.

The final colour of the system is the colour of the grit which fully covers the surface. This usually varies from buff to grey. If other colours are required these can be achieved by using coated grit or a coloured seal coat.

Eurogrip Industrial

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Eurogrip Decorative

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Eurogrip Marine

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Eurogrip 125
Eurogrip 1500
Eurogrip 3000
Eurogrip 4500

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For specific uses, mainly in marine settings

For general and decorative use
For heavy duty and industrial use
For the strongest use and most anti-skid