Eurogrip 125

Eurogrip 125 is a high friction flooring system designed mainly for internal use. It is capable of sustaining normal factory loading including fork lift trucks.

A combination of though and durable epoxy resin and high friction grit, Eurogrip 125 is applied to prepared and primed concrete or metal substrates.

Supplied in a wide range of colours it can also be used for delineation of pedestrian and vehicle areas.



  • Extra traction in hazardous areas
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to apply using a roller
  • Range of anti- slip possibilities allowing for maintenance
  • Withstands foot, vehicle traffic, mechanical scrubbers, etc.
  • Suitable for concrete and metal
  • Solvent free


  • Factory Floors
  • Ramps
  • Loading Bays
  • Steps
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Anti-slip Decking Panels